Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon test page

This page can be used to test different types of pop-ups with Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon. Every example tries to open

  1. Basic (new tab)
  2. Open 5 tabs in one click
  3. Regular link with 'target="_blank"' attribute
  4. Basic (new window)
  5. with header (HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently) redirection
  6. with JavaScript redirection
  7. with meta redirection
  8. (new window) that waits 5 seconds and then redirects
  9. (new tab) that waits 5 seconds and then redirects

Note that it's easy to use JavaScript to show things that look like pop-up windows. These kind of modal pop-ups are not handled by Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon because they are just regular HTML markup and Adblock Plus can block them by default. Here's an example:

Open a modal JavaScript pop-up that is not really a pop-up window.

Alert dialogs

Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon also supports blocking all kinds of alert dialogs. Alert dialogs can be used for example to force user interaction on browser exit which can be annoying when it's not used in a right place.

  1. Basic alert dialog
  2. Confirm dialog
  3. Prompt dialog
  4. Dialog that opens on browser exit (click this link and close the current tab to see the effect)